Carmarthenshire County Council

Intelagent is streamlining Carmarthenshire's IT help desk.

Carmarthenshire Council have deployed Tickit, our helpdesk ticketing automation tool.

We identified repetitive situations like password and pin resets, user login issues and equipment repairs for Tickit to handle. The user now goes through a list of troubleshooting questions as a first line of enquiry to drive self service.

They wanted to use Tickit as a POC, with a view to potentially deploy our other automation tools pending its success.

As a result Carmarthen Council are now going live with an IntelAgent deployment to cover their Customer Service and Housing departments. An overwhelmingly positive message about the success of the POC.

We Build Bots have been an excellent company to work with, very flexible on our requirements and very pro-active in their approach to ensure their projects and system delivers.

We will be targeting Housing and Customer Services as the initial Phase for the Citizen BOT; with integration into our CRM and back-office system to provide more personalised information to our customersJulian Williams, Applications Development Manager