The AA & BSM

See how Intelagent helped to close the contact centre on Sundays.

The AA and BSM’s chatbot, Tala, has had a huge impact on the running of their call centres.

Their quietest call day was a Sunday, but in the interests of maintaining market leading customer service, they would still want to be able to answer any queries that came in.

This meant that they would have to open the entire office for sometimes just a handful of calls.

Tala has allowed us to offer this next level of customer engagement answering FAQ’s so that when a customer does speak to a human, this human will likely be better equipped and less stressed than they would be if there was no bot and therefore are a better representation of the brand.

A contact centre is the first point of contact with a brand, customers have expectations and it’s important to at least meet but ideally exceed expectations, Tala helps us do this.

Bots do the ordinary. Humans do the extraordinary.

Tala has meant that all the customer service agents now get Sundays off which proved to be a huge perk for the people wanting to party on Saturday nights.Luke Davies, Head of marketing

Since Tala has stepped in, they no longer need to open the office on a Sunday, because it deals with all the customer queries. Being able to close for 52 extra days per year has meant that they have made a massive saving on bills and payroll.

It also means that there is a better work life balance for the call centre agents.