AI powered Customer Service.

Say 'Hi' to Intelagent, your new super smart automation platform designed specifically for Public Sector customer service.

Let Intelagent streamline your Customer Service

Intelagent is a complete Customer Service solution, providing unparalleled automated Customer Service through our chat and voice bots, and simple, intuitive conversation management through our agent-facing platform.

Automate your Customer Service
Intelagent can answer the common questions your agents are answering every day, saving time and money for your organisation.

With both button led and free-type navigation, our chatbots provide a simple, intuitive way to find the information your constituents need, whenever and wherever they may be.

Complete forms, actions and RPA processes
Our chatbots can't just answer questions, they can also complete complex actions saving even more time and money.

Intelagent can read and write data to a connected service like a CRM or database, complete remote actions like sending an email or fire RPA (Robotic Process Automation) sequences.

Agent's can takeover at any time
If Intelagent gets asked a question it doesn't know the answer to, or deems it a subject that is too complex for it to handle, an appropiate agent can be seamlessly brought in to the conversation.

Our easy-to-use platform means with a single click, an agent can see the conversation so far and any customer details that have been profiled and then jump in to complete the interaction.

Collect, analyse and improve with every interaction.

Every interaction is logged and analysed, offering unrivalled conversational analytics that give you the information you need to manage your contact centre.

Analyse your Customer Service activity to maximise efficiencies
Intelagent gives you insights into how and when constituents want to make contact with your organisation, so you can manage your internal resource and maximise your team's efficiency.

By monitoring top topics and keywords, peak times of activity and average sentiment and ratings, reporting on your chatbot's performance is a breeze.

Monitor agent performance
Take control of agent performance through a number of metrics such as average number and duration of takeovers, average customer sentiment by agent and any other custom metric that’s currently being used by your quality assurance department.

We believe in creating efficiencies not only by automating frequently asked questions, but also by highlighting areas where agents could improve.

Improvements at every interaction
Intelagent never stops learning. By analysing every interaction, our custom blend of AI and assisted machine learning means our platform just keeps getting better.

Unrecognised ognisd questions or missing answers from your knowledgebase will be flagged to you so you can ensure that constituents always have access es to the information they need.

Keep your constituents up to date.

With our unique customer clustering and proactive and reactive marketing modules, your constituents can be kept up to date with the latest issues and events that are important to them.

Create custom audiences with Swarm
Swarm allows you to profile customers based on chatbot interactions, and once users have been profiled, you can then isolate audiences that meet a certain set of conversational and profile-based criteria.

By doing so, you are able to target custom clusters of people with relevant updates and events at scale, anytime, for free.

Send targeted messages with Broadcast
Once your ‘Swarms’ have been created, your custom audiences are available at your fingertips to update with information and updates that are important to your customers.

Using Broadcast, you can schedule campaigns in advance to particular ‘Swarms’. This comes in very useful when you wish proactively reduce call volumes e.g. prior to a change in a waste collection service.

Be reactive with Upsell
Upsell ensures that no opportunity is missed by reacting to changing circumstances or customer behaviour.

If an interaction meets a certain set of criteria or pre-determined triggers, Upsell will automatically deliver a relevant campaign to the customer e.g. a gallery of Council events could be sent to a customer who has implied an interest in attending one.

Who we're working with.

We work with Public Sector organisations nationwide, as well as private and third sector clients across the UK, Europe and beyond.

Carmarthenshire County Council

Intelagent is streamlining Carmarthenshire's IT help desk.

View Case Study

Monmouthshire County Council

Intelagent is helping Monmouthshire's agents handle the real issues.

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The AA & BSM

See how Intelagent helped to close the contact centre on Sundays.

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Enjoy benefits across your contact centre.

Intelagent doesn't just deflect call volumes, with it's analytics and marketing modules, efficiencies can be made across Customer Service, Marketing and Operations, saving time and money across your entire organisation.

Automated engagement with your customers

'Always on' service means you can provide great Customer Service 24/7 - 365 days a year.

Reduce call volume by deflecting common questions

Reduced volumes can also lead to a decrease in abandonment rates as more agent resource is made available.

Improve Net Promoter Scores

Get quick customer ratings after each agent Takeover to monitor agent and chatbot performance.

Instantly alleviate pressure on infrastructure

Reduce agents answering repetitive queries allowing them to help customer that really do require human assistance.

Increase first contact resolution

Agents have access to critical customer information if and when they need to get involved leading to increased FCR and reduced average call length.

Profile customers with ‘in chat’ analysis

Cluster customers into Swarms for analysis and future marketing, and understand conversational trends across your contact centre.

We're ready to connect.

Our suite of automation tools can be easily deployed anywhere, with no on-premise infrastructure or maintenance.

We're available on your website or app, across social channels like Messenger and Twitter, and across internal communication channels such as Microsoft Teams, Skype and Slack.

We're easy to integrate with too, with ready-made connectors for most providers including Public Sector API platforms, CRMs and marketing suites such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, Firmstep and MailChimp.

Want to find out more?

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