How chatbots are revolutionising the travel & tourism industry

Gone are the days when travellers had to visit their local travel agents to book flights or search for a suitable hotel. To cater to the ever-growing market demand and attract a digitally adept customer, travel companies continue to improve their services and seek ways to make travel ever more convenient.

Online chatbots have already proved their merits when it comes to bringing in business and providing customer support. Both of these are factors that the tourism industry heavily relies on. As players in a competitive field, travel agencies, hotel booking services, and other businesses built around travel and tourism need to keep assessing their offerings to ensure they draw and retain enough customers. With chatbot developments in this industry, they can do exactly that and much much more. 



Travel apps and information websites are very useful for tourists — or they can be seen as bloatware. The most common complaint that travellers have with such services are that each one of them focuses on a different niche. For example, DMO apps provide information on tourist attractions in a particular city. Another offers real-time weather updates. Yet another manages flights and hotel bookings. For the average tourist, these add significant friction during research. Furthermore, many of them become redundant after one trip, and need to be replaced with a different app. Travel chatbots offer a cleaner alternative. Online chatbots for websites and messaging apps have one thing in common — they don’t create bloatware on your device, or even need downloading!

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